James Hayman, “The Cutting”

James "Jim" Hayman

James "Jim" Hayman

The first line of James Hayman’s debut thriller The Cutting reads “Fog can be a sudden thing on the Maine coast.” These days, fog is nearly a constant thing but that hasn’t dampened the enthusiasm for the launching of Jim’s first novel set here in Portland, Maine. Islanders flocked to a book launching party on the West End, eager to celebrate a neighbor’s success.

Hayman's debut thriller

Hayman's debut thriller

Jim hasn’t always been logging miles on Peaks Island roads. He was born in Brooklyn, graduated from Brown University, and then spent nearly thirty years working as a copywriter and creative director for some of Madison Avenue’s biggest ad agencies. When he wasn’t busy with accounts like the U.S. Army and Proctor & Gamble, he and his wife, Jeanne, were raising their two children, Ben and Kate.

Nancy Beebee and Cheryl Higgins

Islanders Nancy Beebee and Cheryl Higgins enjoy launch party

Fortunately for our literary community, Jim left New York in August of 2001 in search of just the right place to begin a new career. He landed on what is fondly known as “The Rock.” It must have been a good match for he soon became the author of non-fiction titles Taken at the Flood and Once Upon a Hospital, histories of Banknorth and Maine Medical Center, respectively. Now he has his first mystery thriller under his belt and has nearly completed his second in the series. The Cutting has been selected for the July 2009 American Booksellers AssociationIndie Next Great Reads List,” placing it among the fifteen or so best books published this month, in the opinion of independent booksellers across the country.

Be sure to check out Jim’s website at and give him a “Congrats!” when you see him on the ferry.

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