Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay: Peaks Island Authors Hang Out

Peaks Fest Graphic by Marty Braun

You know it’s summer in Casco Bay when Peaks Fest rolls around! This coming weekend – June 17-19 – islanders converge at a number of key locations around the island for the festivities. Like last year, the festival will include a Dock Day. One of the festival organizers, Justin Palmer, explained to me that Dock Day was created because “We wanted something with a festive feel. This is about non-profits, artists, authors, and craftspeople showcasing themselves.” A number of authors already plan to display their work, including: Jamie Hogan, Chris Hoppin, Fran Houston, Justin Palmer, Reta Morill, and George Rosol.

If you’re an island author and would like to display your work, come sit down at the dock any time between 8:30 and 4:30, rain or shine. The Inn and The Cockeyed Gull will be selling appetizers, and rumor has it that Kevin Attra and Ronda Dale will perform in the afternoon. It you’re a reader, then don’t miss the opportunity to support local authors!

Peaks Fest Graphic by Marty Braun

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