Come for Stone Boat’s last summer cruise through poetry

Peaks Island ferry

Peaks Island ferry

It’s September 1st and islanders are starting to find each other again as the throngs of tourists begin to thin. Recovering the ability to greet folks on the ferry whose name you actually know feels rather like sighting a rare bird that has shown up in your yard unannounced.”Oh, my goodness, I actually know you! Where have you been?” And then we share how gardening, hosting guests, traveling, and picking berries have kept us out of sight for months. Not only do we rediscover each other on the ferry, but also over words.

From epic book sales and discussions to author talks to literary walks, Peaks Islanders enjoy an active literary community out here on The Rock. The creative buzz wouldn’t be complete, of course, without poetry! As you may have heard, the Stone Boat poetry events invite writers to bring their own poem — or that of a favorite author — to read aloud.
This month, Stone Boat gathers at Lawrence and Jani’s “pump house” at the top of Elizabeth Street. (Any good Mainer calls a place by what it used to be long before they were born). See you there!
September 4th, 6 PM
Contact:  Jesse Mantsch

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