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eriksonpeaksislandpressPeaks Island Press — e-news articles and essays written by island author and resident Patricia Erikson — offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the vibrant, literary community perched two miles off the coast of Portland, Maine in Casco Bay. Since 2007, I have been writing about the inspirations, daily lives, and beloved writing of the many authors who live on Peaks Island. Because the island literary community is so extensive and because I maintain Peaks Island Press on the side, I haven’t come close to writing about all of the published authors on the island, but I do try to cast my net farther and farther each year.

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  Allena Beth ( Case) Pond wrote @

I was born on Peaks , in 1958, my mother,Barbara Ann Tracey and grandmother Virginia Henry lived on Elizabeth Street and great grandmother Della H Verrill, also last named McGowan, lived on the Island, Lost my uncle Robert G Tracey to WW1, who is buried in Forest City Cemetery in Portland. Been trying in vain to find information on my family, back in the past, of the Island. My mother passed, keeping many secrets with you, as she was raised, ” What happens on the Island, stays on the Island “. So trying to track down information is not being to easy, except when visit and bring up the name Tracey to the older people, Oh I remember your mother. In the store, bring up, James Henry, all will remember him as a great man, a fisherman. He is my mother,s younger brother. Hope to return again soon, as my memories of my Island, so much different, then now.

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