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American Idol mania brings film crew to Umbrella Cover Museum

American Idol visits Umbrella Cover Museum

American Idol visits Umbrella Cover Museum

Nancy 3. Hoffman — singer, accordionist, pianist, musical director, Curator/Director of the world’s only Umbrella Cover Museum, and author of “Uncovered and Exposed” hosted a film crew from American Idol today.

Visiting our fair city of Portland for the American Idol bus tour auditions, a film crew sought out Nancy here on Peaks Island to film a quirky, local attraction.

American Idol bus on Maine State Pier

American Idol bus on Maine State Pier

Nancy said, “They Came!! American Idol has filmed me and the Umbrella Cover Museum!! It was crazy – they arrived at 4:50 PM; I greeted them playing my accordion at the ferry. We jogged up the hill; they filmed, I blabbed, I sang the theme song, and played. We jogged back down the hill and they made the 5:00 boat. Whew. If it does not get cut it will be on [American Idol] in January or February! Do not hold your breath.

So keep an eye out for Portland and Peaks Island as we may show up on this season’s popular show, or, come and visit the Umbrella Cover Museum in person or ready Nancy’s book.

Here is some nice footage of Nancy in her museum on Peaks.


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Nancy 3. Hoffman: Uncovered and Exposed

Uncovered and Exposed by Hoffman

Hoffman's Guide to the World's Only Umbrella Cover Museu

The extraordinary Nancy 3. Hoffman has added “published author” to her notable list of achievements that already includes singer, accordionist, pianist, musical director, and Curator/Director of the world’s only Umbrella Cover Museum. Her performances with the Casco Bay Tummlers Klezmer Band and The Maine Squeeze accordion ensemble have demonstrated Nancy’s talents to audiences nationally and internationally, but founding the Umbrella Cover Museum, well, that put Nancy in a category all of her own, something you might expect from a woman who sports an integer for a middle name.

Nancy 3. playing her accordion

Now that Nancy has published Uncovered and Exposed: A Guide to the World’s Only Umbrella Cover Museum, you can discover the cultural landmark that Peaks Islanders pass daily on their way to the post office and grocery store – a quirky museum that National Public Radio, BBC Radio, The Weather Channel, and the New York Times have been talking about!

So get Uncovered and Exposed, hop on a Casco Bay Lines ferry, and visit the museum. Nancy might even serenade you with a song or two.

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