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I'm trained as a cultural anthropologist and Native American studies scholar, employed as the Director of Communications at Saint Joseph's College, and consult in institutional advancement and education. Otherwise, I'm an avid skier, runner, and reader who loves living on an island in Maine with my family.

Spicy Sea Glass: Celebrating Maine Seaweed Week

The Press Hotel in Portland, Maine was the perfect place to brave a seaweed cocktail that I’ll call a Spicy Sea Glass. The color of the murky depths, it smelled like the ocean; the mango and chili infused tequila reposado with fresh lime and agave was shaken and strained over seaweed ice. The cocktail won’t win any Instagram photo contests, but I loved the adventure of trying it

The Year Without a Christmas Tree

 A fir tree should have been balancing–decorated with straw stars and red wooden ornaments–in the corner. A grandfather–legs crossed and cold beer in hand–should have been sitting on the couch. Instead, he passed away just days before the holiday, making this our year without a Christmas tree.