Good Reads You Might Have Missed: Top Clicks on Peaks Island Press in 2017

TriciaErikson2With this record-breaking cold and the impending snowstorm, I hope you are slowing down and taking the time to read.

As I wish you a healthy and happy 2018 (and publicly commit myself to more frequent blogging in the new year, yes, really, I promise), I share the most-read articles on Peaks Island Press in 2017, in case you missed them:

  1. Beth Rand’s “ABC Gulls”
  2. A Reading from the Memoir about the Uterus and the American Dream: Mira Ptacin
  3. Soaking Pages in Salt: Behind the Scenes of Writing About the Bagheera

And if you haven’t seen the top clicks of 2016, these are still a good read, too:

  1. My Affair with Henry and the Photo Shoot that Followed
  2. Mira Ptacin: 3 Tips for Busy Mothers Who Write
  3. Making the Bed One More Time: From an Official Empty Nester

Patricia Erikson blogs about Maine, travel, and writing from a vibrant, literary community perched on Peaks Island, two miles off the coast of the beautiful and award-winning city of Portland, Maine. If you haven’t already, follow Patricia on Instagram at @seashorewrite or subscribe to Peaks Island Press in the upper right corner at

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