Read, Speak, Listen: Island poetry event with Portland Poet Laureate Bruce Spang

National Poetry Month poster

National Poetry Month poster

Read, speak, listen. Come to an upcoming poetry event on Peaks Island — May 1st, 6 pm, at Jones Landing. Organizer Jesse Mantsch invites you to “Polish one of your own dusty poems. Sprout something fresh and celebrate spring. Bring your new-at-this poems, your philosophical reflections. Bring your short stories, your heartbreaks, your road poems. Bring your academic, thoughtful page poems, and your slam poetry to thrown down.”

Portland Poet Laureate Bruce Spang

Portland Poet Laureate Bruce Spang

The island poetry event will feature Portland Poet Laureate Bruce Spang. About poetry, Bruce Spang has said he liked how “a poem could encapsulate an experience, could traverse the landscape of my feelings and thought, going from the highs to lows, in a short compact form. It was a tiny epiphany, a way of seeing experience from a new lens.” Spang is author of To the Promised Land Grocery (Moon Pie Press, 2008), I Have Walked though Many Lives: Young Voices—Scarborough (Moon Pie, Press 2009),  The Knot, (Snow Drift Press, 2005), and Tip End of Time (Snow Drift Press, 2004). In addition to being the city of Portland’s Poet Laureate, Spang is a facilitator for the Maine Humanity Council’s Let’s Talk About It poetry series.

Poets, writers, and interested folks should contact Jesse Mantsch for more information at

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