Come rock Stone Boat at a June poetry reading on Peaks Island

Martin Steingesser (photo by Sara Sutter)

Martin Steingesser (photo by Sara Sutter)

Have you heard about Stone Boat, a poetry reading group on Peaks Island that meets monthly? It’s wonderful to see poets pooling together in this island’s amazing literary community. Stone Boat is a group that encourages open readings, but also features a poet each month. Participants may use up to five minutes for reading their original work or that of a favorite poet.

The June event, scheduled for 6:00 PM on Wednesday, June 5th at Jones Landing, will feature Portland, Maine’s first Poet Laureate, Martin Steingesser. An award-winning poet published in a broad spectrum of national magazines and anthologies, Steingesser is also a seasoned performer of poetry and music, sometimes involving stilts.

About poetry, Steingesser writes, “Writing and presenting poems is a way I touch and make present a sense of grace I want in my life. I remember once being intrigued by Wallace Stevens saying poetry was a sacrament in his life. It has come to that. There are moments I love in poems I have made when they are given, when windows, doors, walls blow off, and I am in a warm, boundless space with whoever is listening.” He’s both playful and inspiring, so don’t miss it! Questions? Call Jesse Mantsch 207-831-7354

How do I get to Peaks Island?

What is Jones Landing?

Who is Patricia Erikson? – I’m an author, educator, and consultant who lives on Peaks Island in Casco Bay, Maine and blogs at Peaks Island Press to keep up with the many writers whose talent and joie de vivre make this island community an amazing place. I’m also a history geek who blogs at Heritage in Maine.

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