Annie O’Brien’s “A Path of Stars” at “I’m Your Neighbor” event

Guest post by Annie O’Brien (

A Path of Stars – A Celebration of Cambodians in Maine

Anne Sibley O'Brien's "A Path of Stars"

Anne Sibley O’Brien’s “A Path of Stars”

Thursday, August 8 – 10:30 a.m.-12:00 noon – Portland Public Library

I’ll be sharing my most recent book, A Path of Stars (ages 7 and up), and engaging young readers in activities to learn about Cambodia including drawing the lotus, writing in Khmer, and sharing Cambodian food. Hopefully, the event will also include a performance by some members of the Portland Cambodian Dance Troupe.

Thanks to a generous donation from Joe and Debbie Bornstein, every child who attends will receive a free copy of A Path of Stars.

And I’m told that the Bornsteins plan to help promote the event with the Time & Temperature Building sign; that week, instead of “CALL — JOE,” it will say “PATH — STAR”!

Here’s more info on “I’m Your Neighbor, Portland”:

In the midst of a national conversation about immigration and assimilation, Portland  is debating, not policy, but which book to read first. “I’m Your Neighbor, Portland” is a year-long, city-wide read and series of public events at the Portland Public Library designed to promote a sense of community among the city’s diverse communities.  The city-wide read features nine books whose immigrant and refugee subjects made Maine their home in the last several decades and in doing so transformed Portland into a vibrantly multiracial and multicultural city.

Read more about the books and events at

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